Entry #2


2011-10-03 13:34:10 by XDrako

I'm starting to practice more with digital painting as a medium (would be much more effective if my bamboo tablet didn't go apeshit for it's territory on my dually monitors every time I click into Photoshop)

This is actually pretty difficult to get the feeling right compared to a pen/pencil and paper, but it is the way of the future. Will try to get something nice up within the next week NG.


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2011-10-03 13:39:18

Good luck :) & Keep up the good work! Have a nice day.

XDrako responds:

Yeeeeh, BC Girl!


2011-10-20 13:02:41

lol, yeah ive had alot of problems with little kids on this site for some reason :P
Anywho just sayin hey, have a good one!